The ambition of communism wrapped in Confucius should be known to the world—Sky Daily (South Korea)

Director Doris Liu, who produced the movie "In the name of Confucius" which is a documentary film that deals with the reality of the Confucius Institute and its problems in detail. [Photo = Lee Jong-won] ⓒSky Daily 《假孔子之名》紀錄片的導演秋旻。 《假孔子之名》是一部對孔子學院的現實和存在的問題進行細緻處理的紀錄片。 [照片=李鍾元] ⓒSky Daily

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Source: by Park Jeong-eun (,  Jun. 12, 2021

“At the end of the film, there is a scene where 22 members of the Toronto Board of Education in Toronto, Canada, stand up and say their names and vote for the closure of the Confucius Institute. This is the moment when Confucius Institute is defeated by democracy. It’s one of the most important scenes in the movie.”

In the movie ‘In the Name of Confucius, Sonia, who was assigned to work as a teacher at the Canadian branch of the Confucius Institute, escapes, and requests asylum and informs the reality of the Confucius Institute in North America. The true story was captured in documentary format.

On the 21st of last month, a domestic civic group, the Confucius Institute for the Promotion of Reality, concluded a nationwide screening of the movie ‘Under the Name of Confucius’. Director Doris Liu, who directed the film in response to the voices demanding the abolition of Confucius Institutes in Korea, also took part in the screenings in Korea, taking the self-quarantine due to COVID-19. What was the reason he flew to Korea from a distant country and actively encouraged the abolition movement of the Confucius Institute? I talked to director Doris Liu.

Feeling betrayed by the truth about Tiananmen and Falun Gong that the CCP did not tell

Director Doris Liu was born in Sichuan, China, and lived as an ordinary Chinese citizen. She joined the Communist Party in middle school, like all other Chinese people, and joined the Communist Party from the third year of university as a student executive. After graduating from university, she stayed at her alma mater to control and understand the thoughts of students and guide them in line with the Communist Party. worked for 4 years with

“I quit the political education institute because I thought that the job didn’t suit me. I liked the job of managing the lives of the students, helping them build good friendships, and helping them easily adjust to college life, but I didn’t want to play a role in politically controlling and guiding that idea. In the end, I left school the year my first students graduated from college.”

After leaving school, director Doris Liu joined a foreign telecommunication company in China. Since the company was an American company, it was possible to access overseas servers even in China, where the Internet connection to overseas was completely cut off. In the process of accessing foreign media through her, director Liu realized that everything he had learned from the CCP so far was a lie.

“Ever since I was a child, I had doubts about the Tiananmen Square incident in 1989 and the Falun Gong persecution in 1999, which had the greatest impact on the lives of Chinese people. At the time of the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, I was a 14-year-old middle school student. At that time, university students from Sichuan province participated in the protest by fasting, and high school students also participated in the protest with the principal. That was the most free speech period under the CCP government in 1949. So I couldn’t believe what the Chinese state media was saying. But we never knew the truth.”

▲ Director Doris Liu’s childhood memories. Director Liu said she remembered the Tiananmen Square incident as a child and that she always wanted to know what the truth was. ⓒSky Daily

“While working for an American telecommunications company, I saw how foreign media reported these two incidents. The truth was really disappointing. Foreign media reports, documentaries, photos, everything was different from what the CCP had informed our Chinese people. The CCP clearly taught us that no students were killed in Tiananmen, but rather, the students attacked the military and they were rioters. The same goes for Falun Gong. I didn’t know they killed people so cruelly. The party is deceiving the people.”

It changed her outlook on life. Director Liu, who was originally not interested in politics or abroad, and even joined the Communist Party to stay in Korea because she loved her country, felt a great sense of betrayal by the CCP, which hides the truth and promotes propaganda. She immigrated to Canada in 2008 and became a journalist by taking advantage of his love to uncover the truth.

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