Review by Award-Winning Journalist Sheng Xue

In the Name of Confucius, in due course, will be recognized as a milestone in the documentary field as well as a landmark in the social-historical arena.

~ Sheng Xue, award-winning journalist, writer, poet, democracy activist

The Confucius Institute (CI) program is a major component of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s worldwide propaganda and infiltration effort. It’s been quite successful during the past decade, making its way through to many democratic countries and gaining support from educational organizations and the political world. The giant investment made by the CCP has deceived many, that the “beneficiaries” and people with vested interests choose to turn a deaf ear to the vicious agenda behind.

In order to uncover the disguise of CI and bring the agenda under the sunlight, it requires insight and knowledge, it requires someone with conscience, courage, and perseverance to discover and share the story. It takes collective efforts to do the research, to collect and sort out the data, to run the analysis, and to present the findings with an effective media channel.

This is not an easy battle. The CI is now beyond a cultural outlet, it has turned into a huge profit chain that involves the interest of numerous organizations and millions of individuals. The risk, the pressure, and the obstacles are incredible for people who dare to challenge it.

Those people, nonetheless, decided to take this battle with their willpower, their determination, and more importantly, their conscience, wisdom and compassion. The director/producer and the team made it, and now we have the documentary, In the Name of Confucius.

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