Educate and Inspire People,

Host A Screening!

Community (public) screenings of In the Name of Confucius film is one of the most effective ways to spread the word about the issue of Confucius Institutes, spark discussions, and mobilize actions in your community. Here is how it works.

Step 1: Contact us

Please fill out the Screening Request Form and let us know as early as possible your screening plan, e.g. time, venue, potential audiences, and if you wish to invite  the director to a post-screening discussion. We have been working with groups and individuals across five continents on screenings and panel discussions. We are here to support and help out your screening events.

Step 2: Purchase the license

Any individual or group/organization can buy the Public Screening License of In the Name of Confucius, and the license is  typically valid within the buyer’s own country.

  • Unlimited Screening License — $380 CAD. This license allows you to host unlimited public screenings with no admission charge;
  • Single Screening License — $160 CAD. This license allows you to host one public screening with no admission charge.
Once you confirm with us which license you want to purchase, we will send you an invoice through our PayPal account, and you can use your credit or debit card to pay the invoice.

Step 3: Sign the Agreement

Please download and sign the Screening License Agreement, then send it back to us. Make sure you read the terms and conditions in the agreement carefully before you sign it.

Step 4: Get In the Name of Confucius film

Once the paperwork is completed and the license fee is received, we will send you a link to download In the Name of Confucius. You can either use a media player to play the file directly or burn a DVD. We recommend that you test the entire video once you have it.

Step 5: Host Your Screening!

We encourage you to create an Eventbrite and/or Facebook event page to register audiences. We will add your event to our website and Facebook page, and help you to promote your screening event. Depending on the event time, director Doris Liu could also be available to do Q&A in person or online.

Read about this successful screening event, where the organizers had nearly 200 people turnout, collected about 200 petition signatures for their campaign, and raised nearly $2,000 dollars of donation to offset the cost. 

Need help? Click to read how to host a successful screening.

Step 6: Tell Us How Your Screening Went

Please fill out the Screening Impact Report and send your photos/videos and audiences contacts/feedbacks to Your feedback will help us promote the film and improve our future screening events. Thank you for your support!