Korea overflowing with anti-Americanism and no anti-China… 22 major Confucius Institutes are the main culprits —The CHOSUNILBO (South Korea)

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Source: chosun.com by Editor Song Eui-dal,  Sep. 15, 2022

What is the ‘Confucius Institute’ in Korea?…Interview with Han Min-ho, CEO of Gongsilbon

# Jeju Halla University Confucius Institute screened ‘Special Forces War 2’ as the opening film at the 6th Halla Chinese Film Festival held in 2019. The film is about praising the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and mocking the United States as a whole, including its military power. At the film festival, “Operation Red Poetry”, which has a strong tendency to Chinese patriotism, was also screened.


The Confucius Institute, which opened in April 2009, does not only teach Chinese to university students. If you look at the items published on the website, you can see that the school principal’s invitational Chinese training course, Chinese language class for teaching staff, MOU with Jeju-do, Office of Education, Jeju-Seogwipo City Hall, Chinese culture exhibition, Beijing Opera and art troupe performance, Chinese book culture exhibition, etc. Varies.

◇University base…Building an all-round network

# Soonchunhyang University, which opened the Confucius Institute in September 2007, signed an agreement with the Asan Office of Education in Chungcheongnam-do the following year to support the after-school instructor program and support exchanges and cooperation with China. That year, they donated 5 million won each to two middle schools and three high schools for an after-school Chinese class program. In 2015, the Asan Youth Education and Culture Center Sanhaegwan (山海館, China Experience Center) and the Confucius Institute in Asan High School were established, and in 2017, the Confucius Institute was established in Cheonan High School.

# Honam University’s Confucius Institute, which is in its 17th year, operates programs such as China-AMP, China Culture and Arts Performance Exhibition, Chinese Culture Exploration, and State Scholarship Students from the Ministry of Education in addition to Chinese education. The top-level course, which receives an education fee of 4.2 million won per person, gathers business managers and senior executives, heads of public organizations and high-ranking officials from all walks of life in the Gwangju Metropolitan City area to conduct cultural training with local industrial facilities in China. It is sponsored by the Chinese Consulate General in Gwangju.

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