Danish Parliament Premiere—The Epoch Times (Denmark)

Screening of " In the name of Confucius" at Danish Parliament with filmmaker Doris Liu, three parliaments and media reporters.《假孔子之名》於丹麥議會大廈首映,導演秋旻、國會議員等擔任與談嘉賓。

(This article is translated from Chinese to English by google translate.) 

 (The Epoch Times by Linda in Copenhagen, Denmark, March 03, 2019)

On the afternoon of February 26, 2019, the film “In the Name Confucius” by the Chinese-Canadian director Doris Liu in Denmark Screening of the Parliament Building in Krisinburg. Hosted by the “Denmark Supporting Tibet Committee” and “Our Future Home”.

The documentary “In the Name of the Confucius” was completed in three years and won several awards and nominations internationally. This is the first time it has been shown in Denmark. Director Doris Liu participated in the screening and subsequent defense seminars. Members of three different Danish parties: Kenneth Kristensen Berth of the Danish People’s Party (DF) and Mikkel Oszup Jensen of the Liberal Party (V) Aastrup Jensen) and the Red-Green Alliance Party (EL) Christian Juhl, Danish radio station Radio24/syv reporter Thomas Foght and many spectators watched the film, and Conduct a defense discussion.

Director: Bringing the real situation of Confucius Institute to Western society

After the screening of the film, director Doris first introduced the background of the film production.

In February 2013, she read a report in the Globe and Mail that McMaster University in Canada wanted to close their Confucius Institute. The reason is that when the “Hanban” in China recruited Confucius Institute teachers, there were discriminatory clauses (contracts): “Do not practice Falun Gong or participate in Falun Gong activities.”

One of the teachers at the Confucius Institute at this university was a Falun Gong practitioner. After she arrived in Canada, she told her media about her personal experience. For this reason, McMaster University has been involved with Hanban (the Office of the National Chinese International Promotion Leading Group, the Confucius Institute Headquarters) for more than a year, and asked the Chinese to remove the discriminatory Falun Gong clause, but it did not succeed. So McMaster University decided to close the Confucius Institute.

Doris said that since she is also a mainland immigrant, and is very interested in China-Canada relations, overseas Chinese, education and other issues, the report of the “Global Mail” made her ponder and decided to further understand the Confucius Institute.

“As a result, I found that the Confucius Institute not only discriminates against human rights, but also accusations of infringement of academic freedom and even hidden dangers such as national security,” she said.

So what is the Confucius Institute? Does it come overseas, in addition to Chinese teaching, is there any other hidden purpose? How does such an educational institution affect Western society? Doris wanted to find an answer, so she decided to take a documentary.

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