“In the Name of Confucius” seminar in Göttingen —The Epoch Times (Germany)

2019年12月11日,《假孔子之名》在為了被脅迫民族協會(GfbV)哥廷根(Göttingen)總部放映。(左起)主持人、「為了被脅迫民族協會」項目負責人赛德勒(Hanno Schedler),特約嘉賓、獨立中文筆會會長廖天琪,導演秋旻,前德國駐華大使、哥廷根孔子學院董事會董事史丹澤(Volker Stanzel)參加了研討會。(田牧提供) On December 11, 2019, "The Name of Fake Confucius" was screened at the headquarters of GfbV in Göttingen.(From left) Host, Hanno Schedler, Project Leader of the GfbV, special guest, chairman of the Independent Chinese PEN Association Liao Tianqi, director Doris Liu, former German ambassador to China, board of directors of the Confucius Institute at Göttingen Director Volker Stanzel attended the seminar. (Courtesy of Tanmu)

(This article is translated from Chinese to English by google translate.)
Source: The Epoch Times by Huang Qin,  Dec. 30, 2019 updated

After the award-winning film In The Name of Confucius” was screened in Germany’s top ten cities, the impact of the “Confucius Institute” on Germany and potential threats have. It attracted the attention of the German media. “Daily Mirror” published an article “The first batch of universities reconsidered the controversial Confucius Institute” on December 22, mentioning that the University of Dusseldorf is no longer renewing the Confucius Institute, the old contract will be terminated in April next year, The University of Hamburg also said it would no longer provide funding for the Confucius Institute.

The newspaper quoted German lawmaker Jens Brandenburg (FDP), who is in charge of education and scientific research, as saying, “Now is the time for the Minister of Science and universities to discuss the dangers and background of China’s (CCP) influence. He believes that close financial links jeopardize the freedom of science.

The film director Doris Liu introduced on her Facebook that this year was the year when the Confucius Institute suffered its biggest frustration. Nearly 20 organizers including the United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and many other countries have closed or will close the Confucius Institute. The number of closed Confucius Institutes has exceeded 40.

During her trip to Germany, Doris met with representatives from the Confucius Institute at the University of Leipzig, Hamburg and Göttingen. Doris thanked these representatives for their open discussion with her. She said that although most of the 19 Confucius Institutes in Germany were opened off university campuses and were less affected by the Chinese side, their discriminatory policies against Hanban’s recruitment of Chinese staff at the Confucius Institute and academic censorship in the Confucius Institute prohibiting the discussion of CCP s taboo topics Showing disapproval shows that the basic principles and values ​​of the university have been eroded, which is worrying.

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