Harvard University: ‘In the Name of Confucius’ Brought Insights to United Front Work of the Chinese Communist Party (video) (USA)

Film director Doris Liu (R2) and Epoch Times senior investigative journalist Joshua Philipp (L2) speak at the panel discussion after screening of In the Name of Confucius at Harvard University, April 12, 2018. 導演秋旻(右2)與英文「大紀元時報」資深調查記者Joshua Philipp(左2)在《假孔子之名》紀錄片哈佛大學放映後的座談會。

On April 12, 2018, the award-winning documentary In the Name of Confucius saw a full house screening at Harvard University. Joshua Philipp, senior investigative journalist with Epoch Times, joined film director Doris Liu at the panel discussion hosted by Harvard Hong Kong Society (HHKS).

Audience members came  to a broader and deeper understanding of the inner workings of the Confucius Institutes and the risks they pose for our education system. Mr. Philipp shared some of his insights from his decade-long study of the United Front Work of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), in regards to how the CCP manipulate, influence, and infiltrate into American society. He mentioned three tactics commonly used by the CCP: psychological warfare, information warfare, and legal warfare.

You can click and watch the live recording of the panel discussion here: