Buy An Educational Use License of

In the Name of Confucius

What is an Educational Use License?

The Educational Use License of In the Name of Confucius allows for limited performance of the film in DVD format within an institution, including but not limited to: College, University, K-12 School, Research Institution, Non-Profit Organizations, governments and etc. to a classroom-sized audience or students for the lifetime of the DVD.

To learn more about the Educational Use License, please read the agreement here.

DVDs of In the Name of Confucius

The DVDs of In the Name of Confucius have both English and Chinese subtitles, from which viewers can choose either one to display. The DVDs are region zero so can be played in any country.

How to ask your local institutions to buy an Educational Use DVD?

Universities, schools, and many institutions have libraries. If you are a user of the library or a member of the institution, you could request your library or institution to buy a DVD of In the Name of Confucius and add our film to their collections, so that you and other users could borrow and watch the film. 

  • Write an email to your library (or visit them in person), introducing In the Name of Confucius. You could send them the link to this website and the press kit
  • Tell your library why you think it is important for them to include In the Name of Confucius to their collection.
  • Send the library the order form and the license agreement, and ask them to contact us at:

Thank you kindly for your support to our film!