“In the Name of Confucius” Director: hope Taiwan grow strong to help China —The Epoch Times (Taiwan)

“In the Name of Confucius” was screened at Taiwan University on January 8. Visiting scholar Zeng Jianyuan (left to right), director Doris Liu and human rights lawyer Teng Biao of Chung Cheng University attended the post-screening discussion. (Chen Baizhou / The Epoch Times) 揭露中共孔子學院內幕的紀錄片《假孔子之名》1月8日在台灣大學放映,中正大學傳播學系訪問學者曾建元(後左至右)、導演秋旻、人權律師滕彪出席映後座談。(陳柏州/大紀元)

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Source: The Epoch Times by Zhong Yuan in Taipei,  Jan. 10, 2020

The investigative documentary “In The Name of Confucius”, which has won multiple international film awards, was screened at the National Taiwan University. Director Doris Liu said that Taiwanese should strengthen their understanding of the Chinese Communist Party and not lose Taiwan’s freedom, democracy, human rights, rule of law, and more should use spiritual power. Only when people in mainland China are affected can Taiwan last long.

Taiwan audiences concerned about serious infiltration by the Chinese Communist Party

“In The Name of Confucius” is a documentary film completed by Chinese Canadian director Doris Liu in 3 years, and has been screened in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Poland, Spain, Ireland, South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, etc. Screenings in 17 countries around the world have received enthusiastic responses. The film explores the internationally controversial and boycotted Chinese teaching institution “Confucius Institute” invested by the CCP with billions of dollars. Teachers, students and the public participating in the screening of the day were enthusiastic about the issue of Taiwan being heavily infiltrated by the CCP.

Zhao Qi, a Chinese teacher at the Confucius Institute, is a Falun Gong practitioner. After some painful choices, she left the Confucius Institute, applied for Canadian refugees, and filed a complaint about the political propaganda, academic review, and human rights discrimination she had experienced at the Confucius Institute and disclosed To the media, McMaster University eventually closed the Confucius Institute, which in turn triggered Western countries to close more Confucius Institutes.

Doris Liu, the director of “In the name of Confucius” (Xu Jidong / The Epoch Times)

The audience questioned why the CCP views Falun Gong as a nail in the eye. Doris said at the forum on the evening of January 8 that the story of the film’s protagonist, Zhao Qi, was touching. A Taiwan NGO, Dr. Liao Yushi, commented on her Facebook after watching the movie in Sydney, Australia last year: “I did not expect the power of faith So big. “

Doris said that Liao Yushi expresses that Zhao Qi is so brave because of her faith. This also made her think that Zhao Qi had faith and made her internal strength very strong and powerful. Why did the CCP regard Falun Gong as a nail in the eye? Because it is difficult to defeat people with mental strength.

She said that universities in Western countries have opened Confucius Institutes because the government has cut their funding for teaching, especially in the humanities and social sciences, which has caused them to fall short of money. The Communist Party of China is the most capable of exploiting human weaknesses. Therefore, it is difficult for western universities to resist temptation. As far as she knows, universities get one-off funding, such as Stanford University, which gets 4 million US dollars. On average, Western universities start a Confucius Institute, which gets about 100,000 to 150,000 US dollars each year.

“In the Name of Confucius” was screened at Taiwan University on January 8. Visiting scholar Zeng Jianyuan (left to right), director Doris Liu and human rights lawyer Teng Biao of Chung Cheng University attended the post-screening discussion. (Chen Baizhou / The Epoch Times) 揭露中共孔子學院內幕的紀錄片《假孔子之名》1月8日在台灣大學放映,中正大學傳播學系訪問學者曾建元(左)、導演秋旻、人權律師滕彪(右)出席映後座談。(陳柏州/大紀元)


Western universities should be the most important position to adhere to universal values ​​and principles

“Higher education institutions in western democracies were originally the most important position for societies to adhere to universal values ​​and principles,” Doris said. “If higher education is eroded by the CCP, Western society is very dangerous.” She said that in recent years,  a considerable number of Western sinologists want to use the benefits of the CCP’s money while avoiding the CCP ’s violations of human rights, freedom of speech, and threats to national security. “They used a very representative term called” pragmatism, “but did not realize they have been losing or partially losing the universal value principle. ”

She pointed out that when the Western universities signed the contract with the Confucius Institute, the Chinese Communist Party made it clear that they should not talk about taboo topics such as Falun Gong. These are the proposed conditions, but the leaders of Western universities actually agreed, and they believed that the reason for their psychological balance was.  She questioned, “You can think that a universal value can exist here, but it can’t exist there.” This is not called universal value. On the other hand, the Confucius Institute at this university cannot talk about it, but other Han institutes can Talk. Bargaining chips. “Isn’t the CCP just using this as a bargaining chip with Western universities? “

Doris answered an audience’s question and asked whether it is possible to use the Confucius Institute to talk about the conditions acceptable to Western universities and the Chinese Communist Party. “This question does not exist in my opinion, because the possibility is no longer practical. Because your opponent is the Chinese Communist Party, countless facts have proven that they are lying, murderous, and regimes that have never respected the rules of the game. What kind of deal can you talk about with such negotiating opponents? “She advised the West Scholars give up their unrealistic illusions about the CCP, “Don’t dream, just wake up sooner and better.”


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