Best Turnout and Most Thought-Provoking Panel – In the Name of Confucius Premieres in Ottawa, Canada (Video)

On September 30, 2017, award-winning documentary In the Name of Confucius premiered in Ottawa, Canada at the 28th One World Film festival, followed by a panel discussion with film director Doris Liu, Nobel Peace Prize nominee David Kilgour (photo 1), and intelligence expert Michel Juneau-Katsuya (photo 2).

The screening was a great success with the “best turnout” for an afternoon show on the festival’s history, and the panel was one of the best, according to the festival organizer Zoe Mallett. Audience members were shocked to know the risks China’s Confucius Institutes have posted to the Western education system and society.

To view the live recording of the discussion, click the video below:

(Photo credit: Jonathan Ren, The Epoch Times)

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