How to Host A Successful Screening

Tips for Hosting a Successful Screening of In the Name of Confucius Film

The key is to have a good plan, communicate with us timely, and give yourself enough time to prepare!


Choose a location that facilitates your screening and is easy for people to get to. You can host a screening at any location, e.g. governments, universities, high schools, educational institutions and organizations, corporate offices, libraries, community centres, local theatres, bookstores, and even your living room!

Date and Time

Pick a date that gives you enough time to prepare and is convenient for your potential viewers. For example, you don’t want to host a screening on your university campus when students are busy with exams or on summer/winter breaks.


Seek screening co-hosts who are interested in spreading In the Name of Confucius film to help drive audiences, promote the event, and share costs. Good examples of co-hosts are: Tibetan groups, Falun Gong community, human rights organizations, university students groups, China related academia institutions, China democracy movement, Taiwanese organizations, and etc.

  • Download a toolkit to create your own posters, flyers, and etc. that help publicize your event.
  • Set up a RSVP system so that you could collect names and email address for future outreach.
  • Create a Facebook event page for your screening and add the In the Name of Confucius and any other partners as co-host. This allows the event page to show up on the Facebook pages of the co-hosts and increases the publicity.
  • Write invitation emails/letters to targeted audiences and VIPs a month before your screening, and follow up with them.
  • Invite director Doris Liu and/or experts to a post-screening discussion in person or on Skype.
  • Ask us for a Press Kit so that you could reach out local media to report on your event.

Technical/Material Preparation

  • Test Skype connection with filmmaker and/or other remote speakers.
  • Test the video/audio playing system at the venue.
  • Make sure the venue has good internet connection for a Facebook live streaming of the post-screening discussion.
  • Make sure you have someone take photos as well as film Facebook live streaming.
  • Prepare microphones for speakers and audiences for the post-screening discussion.
  • Print out materials you need to display or hand out at your screening event.
  • (NEW!) Buy DVDs from the film producer and get ready for your sales at your screening event.
On Screening Day
  • Arrive early and test the video/audio playing system before audiences come in.
  • Display all materials properly.
  • Take photos and/or videos of your screening event.
  • Film the Facebook live streaming of the post-screening discussion and publish at the end.
  • Collect as many audience feedback forms as you could.
  • Invite audience members to sign up the newsletter for In the Name of Confucius on your iPad or using a paper form.