Educate and Inspire People,

Host A Screening!

Film screenings are an invaluable way to spread the word about the issue of Confucius Institutes and spark discussions in your community. If you are interested in hosting a community screening of In the Name of Confucius, here is how it works.

Step 1: Let Us Know Your Plan

Please fill out the Screening Request Form and let us know a bit more about your community screening. We will be in touch shortly to finalize details and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Purchase the Screening License

A license is required for any public performance of In the Name of Confucius. License fees will help us offset some of the film’s production and distribution costs. We recommend free admission screening and there are two types of license.

  • Unlimited Screening License — $380 CAD. This license allows you to host unlimited community screenings with no admission charge;
  • Single Screening License — $160 CAD. This license allows you to host one community screening with no admission charge.
Please choose the type of Screening License you wish to purchase from the drop down menu and click the Buy Now button below.

Screening License

Step 3: Sign the Agreement

Please download and sign the Screening License Agreement, then send it back to us.

Step 4: Get In the Name of Confucius

Once the paperwork is completed and the license fee is paid, you will receive a password-protected link to download In the Name of Confucius. You can either use a media player to play the file directly or burn a DVD. We recommend that you test the entire video once you have it.

Step 5: Host Your Screening!

You can host a community screening at any location with any number of attendees. Examples of screening locations include: universities, high schools, educational institutions and organizations, corporate offices, libraries, community centres, local theatres, bookstores, and even your living room!

Need help? Here are some tips on organizing a successful screening.

Before Screening Day:
  • Choose a location that facilitates your screening and is easy for people to get to.
  • Pick a date that gives you enough time to prepare and is convenient for your potential viewers.
  • Download a toolkit to help publicize your event.
  • Seek screening partners who can help promote the event and share any associated costs.
  • Invite experts and/or the filmmaker to a post-screening discussion.
  • Reach out media to report on your event.
  • Remind your VIPs of the screening the day before the event date.
On Screening Day:
  • Test the video/audio playing system before audiences come in.
  • Take photos and/or videos of your screening event.
  • Collect audience feedback and contacts. You can invite audience members to sign up the newsletter for In the Name of Confucius on your iPad or using a paper form. 

Step 6: Tell Us How Your Screening Went!

Once you have hosted your screening, please fill out the Screening Impact Report and send your photos/videos and audiences contacts/feedbacks to Your feedback will help us promote the film and improve our future screening events.